Papilloma on the tongue

Patient seeking help from a dermatologist when papilloma is found on the tongue

Papilloma on the tongue is a dangerous manifestation of the activity of the virus and develops from epithelial cells. It can form not only on the surface of the tongue, but also on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Such neoplasms are painful, bleeding is often observed, their appearance is associated with inflammation.

What is papilloma on the tongue?

It is not difficult to detect the presence of a growth on the surface of the tongue. This growth is characterized by a rounded shape, protrudes above the mucous membrane and has a wide base.

Papillomas on the tongue are a dangerous manifestation of HPV. Symptoms: Outgrowths on the tongue are rounded, up to 2 cm in size, similar to a nipple, smooth in texture.

Diagnosis: differential diagnosis with oncological diseases of the tongue. Treatment: antivirals, immunocorrectors, removal.

The size of the formation is from 2 mm to 2 cm. Location: mainly on the back or edges of the tongue. In some cases, at or below its tip. When the neoplasm is located near the root of the tongue, it can be identified only when examined by a doctor or with extensive growth.

Outwardly, the papilloma resembles a nipple, is similar in color to the tone of nearby tissues, and has a soft structure. On the surface of the tongue, single and multiple growths are formed.

Often the presence of papillomas on the tongue is not given due attention and a specialist is visited if the growths have become impressive in size or their number has increased significantly.

The papilloma itself does not cause painful discomfort and itching. But due to frequent growth injury, there is severe pain and bleeding. In addition, the growth interferes with the process of chewing, swallowing, speaking, and sometimes breathing.

Papilloma on the tongue is often found in the practice of dentists and otolaryngologists. Extraction is usually performed by otolaryngologists.

The radio wave method is used more often than others.

Exciter Features:

  • laboratory signsvisiblenot immediately after infection. It will take about 3 months before growths are detected.
  • The virus can appear in people with lowimmunity.In this regard, experts advise people with HPV to get tested for HIV.
  • In some cases, it is possible to recoveron own account.During the recovery period, warts may go away on their own.
  • eliminationexternal symptoms do not lead to elimination of the viral agent. There is no specific etiological therapy; antiviral agents are used in the treatment. They are effective in the presence of herpesviruses, hepatitis and other infections.


Having identified growths on the surface of the tongue or in the throat, it is necessary to establish which variety this condyloma belongs to. They are divided into 2 types:

  • Reagent.Papillomas are the result of the adverse effects of various irritants. These are mainly mechanical, chemical, thermal or infectious injuries.
  • Neoplastic.Seen very rarely. Outwardly, they resemble ordinary multiple nodular growths. They occur in groups or solitary papules.

Papillomas that appear in children and adults on the surface of the tongue or in the throat also distinguish 2 types.


This is a growth under the tongue, which has a light pink tint and a sharp shape. In some cases, they can grow.

Outwardly similar to the inflorescence of cauliflower. A similar neoplasm forms on the leg. Small in size, but causes significant pain.

Sometimes there is discomfort in the process of swallowing. The pointed papilloma interferes, rubs against the teeth and cheeks. A favorite place for this wart will be the area under the tongue.

You have to be extremely careful. Self-therapy is prohibited. Treatment is only allowed under the supervision of a specialist.


They are characterized by clear, sharp contours, protrude somewhat above the surface of the skin. They are located in the throat, in the tonsils, in a small tongue. They don't cause much pain. They are extremely difficult to detect.

Any examination must be performed by a physician in a hospital setting. Self-treatment can have consequences for people's lives and health. Therapy involves the use of various medications. There is no need for surgical intervention.

When such growths appear in children, their difference will be the overgrowth of the mucous membrane tissues of a small tongue.

location zones

The growths select areas on the oral mucosa that are subject to regular injury. When the stroma is involved in ongoing inflammation, the outgrowth grows intensely. This is due to the fact that the stroma is the basis of the organs.

It is made up of connective tissue, which is saturated with blood and lymphatic vessels with multiple nerve endings. Such an environment is favorable for condyloma. It immediately begins to grow, turns into an ulcer, bleeds and causes severe discomfort.

Neoplasms that are individually located on the surface of the tongue need special attention. Similar symptoms are characteristic of women. The result is neuralgia.

Even if the warts are in a place where they are invisible, the sensations in the oral cavity cause great discomfort.


Papilloma on the tongue is difficult to remain invisible. Unpleasant sensations, burning and pain are concentrated in a certain point on the surface of the tongue.

The patient looks at the affected area and discovers a slight white growth that looks like a purulent pimple. The main reason for the appearance of genital warts on the surface of the tongue is human HPV infection.

This is influenced by a number of provoking factors:

  • reduced workimmunesystems
  • Smoke tobacco.
  • Excessive usealcohol.
  • Receptiondrugs
  • chaoticsexya life.
  • Permanentcoldsdiseases
  • Oral self-administrationcontraceptives


Before visiting a doctor, a person should find out what is troubling him. It is necessary to identify the place of discomfort on the surface of the tongue. In children, this is a stabbing or aching pain, in adulthood it is a foreign body sensation or constant discomfort in a certain place on the tongue.

More specifically, it is possible to establish the papilloma for the following reasons:

  • The growth is inleg.
  • Surfacewarts are mild.
  • HueWarts are similar to the shadow on the tongue.
  • Dimensionsrange from 2mm to 2cm.

A favorite place for growths is the lateral walls of the tongue. Less often, below or at the tip.

The neoplasm does not cause intense pain, but there is discomfort or a foreign body sensation. Often there is more than one growth, with a complete examination it is possible to identify a whole group of minor neoplasms.

A proper attitude to one's own health will help to identify papilloma on the tongue in a timely manner.


The growth on the anterior surface of the tongue is immediately visible. It interferes with normal eating, talking, bleeding, because it is easy to hook and damage it.

This causes unpleasant pain sensations. When the condyloma is located in the oral cavity, for example, on the soft palate or on the back of the tongue, it is permissible to notice it, by chance, when examined by a specialist patient. Having found a growth, the doctor will examine its structure.

The papilloma is soft in structure. And the hue is somewhat lighter than the mucosa. When it is in the oral cavity, it will be rough.

A neoplasm in a child has a difference: the warts seem to cover the tongue, cover the entire soft palate and reach the tonsils. It is much easier to detect in children than in adults.

Particular attention should be paid when examining elderly people: they often develop a cancerous tumor that resembles a condyloma. Only in cancer at the base of the tissue from which the growth is formed, there is a clear seal.


A neoplasm under the tongue or in the oral cavity is treated under the supervision of a dermatologist. After a thorough and complete study, you need to prescribe medication. In some cases, warts can be surgically removed.

medical therapy

Medical treatment consists in observing the following prescriptions:

  • Requestlocaltherapy with a solution of vitamin A oil in the absence of indications for surgical removal of the growth.
  • Useinterferons,that reduce the amount of viral DNA in the focus of pathology.
  • Simultaneous applicationimmunostimulatorantiviral drugs

At the moment, there is no effective remedy that can help completely eliminate HPV. The use of any medication must be agreed with a specialist.

antiviral treatment

Antiviral therapy involves the use of drugs to eliminate the development of HPV. Vitamin complexes are prescribed, they contribute to the activation of the body's defenses. The specialist recommends a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

According to statistics, patients with papillomas have a weakened immune system. People with high immunity are carriers of HPV, but at the same time they do not have manifestations on the skin.

The specialist prescribes immunomodulatory agents, a complex of vitamins and restorative drugs. It must be remembered: immunity cannot be increased in one day through pills. Medications are intended to sustain a weakened body during a critical period.


HPV is one of the few virus strains for which a vaccine has been developed. It includes organic substances similar in structure to the structure of live HPV viruses. Immunity against real pathogens is perfectly developed.

Before vaccination, it is necessary to exclude:

  • The pregnancy.Get tested or get a blood test.
  • serious usedoctormoney.
  • Othervaccines
  • seriousdiseaseblood.

Vaccines are performed intramuscularly. Dangerous side effects are seen very rarely.


The method by which the papilloma will be removed should be chosen by the treating specialist. It depends on the location, the characteristics of the organism. There are the following ways to remove neoplasms:

  • Surgicalexcision with surgical scalpel. After the procedure, "cauterization" is performed. A similar technique is used in the presence of single growths or when they are inaccessible and it is impossible to use other methods.
  • To beelimination. The most effective method, painless and without adverse effects. The disadvantage is the high cost of the procedure.
  • Electrocoagulation.The method involves cauterizing the growth with current. The disadvantages include painful handling and a long rehabilitation period.
  • radio wavesurgery. The technique is similar to the previous one, but instead of current, high-frequency radio waves act on the papilloma. The pain is insignificant, the number of adverse effects is minimal, and the rehabilitation period is short.
  • Cryodestruction.The most unpopular surgical way to remove papilloma on the tongue. The neoplasm is removed by the influence of cold on it. The wart freezes at the temperature of liquid nitrogen. The growth will freeze and die within a week.

If the technique involves excision of the wart, then the biomaterial is sent for histological diagnosis to analyze the structure of the growth.


When papillomas occur on the tongue, the patient experiences some discomfort. So while eating, the growth can easily come off. Also, the formations are visible during the conversation and contribute to a change in speech.

The formations of the pointed type generate not only physical discomfort, but also psychological ones. Against the background of such a condition, a person may experience embarrassment at an appointment with a dentist, ENT. Complexes also appear when communicating with other people.

A serious danger is the localization of growths deep inside the oral cavity, since they can provoke the penetration of another infection, which increases the risk of blood poisoning. All this often leads to oncological diseases, which often end in death.


It is not difficult to take measures to protect yourself against this pathology. Minimize the chance of HPV infection by:

  • avoid accidents and unprotectedgenitalcontacts, use of contraceptive methods;
  • use personal itemshygiene;
  • dovaccinationof HPV to children and women at an early age.

When the infection has already occurred, it is necessary to prevent the activation of the viral agent due to weakened immunity:

  • use complexesvitamins;
  • get rid of the badhabits;
  • avoidstressfulsituations and stress.

HPV infection should not be neglected, and its manifestations should not be left without proper treatment by a qualified doctor.

Papilloma on the tongue is a dangerous formation that requires a mandatory visit to a highly qualified doctor. The main task of the patient will be the timely detection of growth and seeking help from a specialist.