Papilloma: treatment with drugs and folk remedies.

papillomas on the fingers

Skin growths are an alarming symptom for many people. And the papilloma becomes the cause of experiences in both the medical and aesthetic senses. Is it possible to get rid of such a pathology and how dangerous is it for the patient? Let's try to solve it below.

papillomas on the neck how to treat

What it is?

First you need to find out what papillomas are on the body. They are a tumor of a benign nature, and appear on the skin in the form of growth. They can be painted in various shades: pink, beige, brown and red. The size of such a neoplasm varies from one millimeter to several centimeters (most often the diameter of the papilloma is from one to three centimeters). It is smooth to the touch, it can resemble acne - inflammation of a local type. However, the nature of such formations is quite different.


Papillomas can rapidly change in size and affect nearby tissues. In addition, there are types of non-progressive neoplasms. Papillomas appear mainly on the legs, face, hands and mucous membranes. A little less often they occur on the trunk, very rarely such neoplasms are found on the internal organs (including the genitals).

Papilloma removal is now performed in many clinics.

Reasons for the appearance

The reason why growths appear on the mucous membranes and skin, resembling nipples in their shape, is the human papillomavirus, or HPV. The virus is carried by about 90% of people worldwide. Many, being carriers of pathology, do not even realize that they have it. The catalyst for the appearance of papillomas is a sharp decrease in immunity.


They are divided into several types, which is determined by the type of virus that caused the benign neoplasm:

  • classic warts - types 2 and 4;
  • flat warts - types 3 and 10;
  • warts - types 6 and 11.
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Viruses 11 and 6 are included in the reduced risk group. Such pathologies are treated quite simply. However, there are also dangerous types of HPV that develop in the later stages into a cancerous tumor of the cervix and dysplasia. To eliminate such risks, it is necessary to establish the reason for their formation. How to get rid of papillomas is of interest to many.

How is the HPV virus transmitted?

Papilloma can be contracted during household contact if you use the same hygiene items or come into contact with the skin of a carrier of the virus. However, most often the transmission of papilloma occurs through sexual contact. It is worth noting that even condoms do not help to avoid infection, because in this case contact with the mucous membranes and skin of the wearer is not excluded. The virus can also be contracted in places characterized by a high concentration of humidity (spas, steam rooms, baths, public beaches, swimming pools).

Where to remove papillomas, we will tell at the end of the article.

professional papilloma removal

How to determine the presence of papillomas?

Sometimes during the "ripening" of the human papillomavirus, the patient may experience a fever. However, in more frequent cases, the incubation period ends imperceptibly and develops into the stage of the disease without any symptoms. It is possible to establish the presence of papilloma and its type only when the tumor has already formed. The types of papillomas and their signs are as follows:

  • wart (simple papilloma) - the affected areas, legs and arms, are distinguished by a dense, keratinized surface, have a diameter of more than a millimeter, are painless;
  • papilloma of the mammary glands - characterized by the release of a colorless or bloody fluid from the nipples, well determined by a specialist through palpation;
  • the formations are flat - they can be smooth and rough, resemble "flattened" warts on the outside, appear in the area under the breast, in the armpits and on the face, cause mild pain and discomfort, diameter - from three to five millimeters;
  • threadlike formations - are distinguished by an elongated shape, often have a papilla at the end, cause unpleasant painful sensations during contact with clothing, appear in the eyes, armpits and neck, are physically elastic in nature;
  • pointed neoplasms - appear in the inguinal region and genitalia, differ in a pale pink color, the tip is pointed (outwardly they resemble a comb);
  • papillomas in the throat - appear on the mucous membrane of the larynx, pharynx and throat, which does not allow you to eat, speak and breathe calmly;
  • papillomas on the feet - the neoplasm forms inside the patient's foot, it looks like a callus, but the color and structure of the callus are not natural.
doctor examines a patient with papillomas

papilloma treatment

It has already been noted above that it is impossible to remove such a virus from the human body. Currently, there is no drug that completely eliminates HPV. You can only dampen the manifestations of infection by strengthening your immune system sufficiently. You can only cope with the consequences of the infection that has occurred. Therefore, one should speak only about the struggle with external manifestations, and not about their source.

How are papillomas treated?

conservative therapy

Conservative HPV therapy includes the use of antiviral and immunomodulatory agents. Immunomodulatory drugs are prescribed only after establishing cellular sensitivity to drugs and determining the state of the human immune system.

Means that have gained wide popularity and are able to treat the manifestations of HPV are:

  • antiviral ointments for papillomas;
  • inducers that synthesize interferon;
  • drugs with carcinogenic effect;
  • immunomodulatory agents with a specific effect.
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Also, for the purpose of HPV therapy, an agent is prescribed, the active ingredient of which is a purine derivative and has not only an antiviral, but also an immunostimulating effect. It is prescribed even for children whose age is older than three years. Effective in case of papillomas in the genital area and larynx. Among the popular methods of treating papillomas, which doctors condescendingly refer to, include:

  • echinacea infusions;
  • decoctions of rose hips and herbal preparations.

Strengthening of immunity

Such funds also have a positive effect on immunity, help to strengthen it and have a general healing effect. However, a number of popular methods cannot be called safe. Also, treatment with tinctures and decoctions without medication is a serious mistake. Because patients go to the doctor out of time, malignant formations may occur that could be identified and destroyed at an early stage.

The intake of drugs must necessarily be accompanied by the elimination of the direct source of infection, but not with the help of creams or ointments, but only surgically.

Consider the treatment of papillomas in a popular way.

The most effective home remedies.

Currently, people do not always trust the means of modern medicine, and often prefer to use proven folk methods of treatment. First of all, you need to remember that HPV is a consequence of weak immunity, so first of all you need to take care of it, and only after that - about cosmetic defects of pathology. How to remove papillomas at home, the doctor can also tell.

electrocoagulation as a method of removing papilloma
  • Immunity is strengthened by a tincture made from garlic: 500 grams of a vegetable should be chopped, the same amount of unrefined sunflower oil is poured, insisted in a cool place for about three days. After that, add barley grains (300 grams) to the resulting mixture. You must take this remedy in a teaspoon every day before meals. A monthly course is recommended. How else to get rid of papillomas?
  • Rowan. These berries should be rubbed into the papillomas, and the procedure should be carried out as often as possible. The disadvantage of this method is that the product is seasonal.
  • A good remedy for papillomas is potatoes. This vegetable is famous for its medicinal properties. Drink freshly squeezed potato juice (100 ml) on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening. In a month, the papillomas will subside, while the defenses of the human body will be restored.
  • An excellent way to get rid of neoplasms is celandine. Freshly squeezed juice of this plant should be applied to the papilloma, and this procedure should be repeated several times a day. Warts fall off after a couple of days, but you can't pull them out yourself.
  • Washing soap for papillomas on the body. It should be applied to problem areas in a thick layer every night. Papillomas will become drier in the morning, then they will dry out completely.
  • Papilloma can be dried with medical alcohol. The neck of the bottle should be applied to the sore spot and held for a couple of minutes. Such a procedure will help get rid of a benign tumor.
  • Another remedy for papillomas - a variety of essential oils will also help in the fight against unpleasant growth. To do this, every day you need to apply two drops of oil (lavender, tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus) to the affected area. Such manipulations are carried out for about two weeks; if more time is required for recovery, you can extend the course for another week. The use of essential oils in the treatment of infantile papillomas is not recommended. A child's delicate skin can react negatively to the components of essential oils. Removing papillomas at home is a long process.
  • By the principle of laundry soap, tar is used. Such a remedy is useful because it contains ten percent birch tar. Thanks to this, the papillomas dry out, the inflammation is removed, and there is no scar left on the affected area. Many people complain about the smell of soap, but it goes away pretty quickly. The product must be stored in a closed container.
  • In addition to ointments for papillomas, thread tying is often used. This method has been used for a long time, but in modern medicine it does not receive approval. With the help of a thread, the base is tied and blood access to the papilloma is blocked. However, such manipulations can worsen the situation, an infection can be introduced, so it is still undesirable to carry them out.
  • Iodine is another antiseptic that can only be used in the cold season to avoid sunlight on the papilloma. To protect the adjacent areas of the skin, you need to lubricate them with a greasy cream. After that, you can do the procedure: soak a cotton swab in an iodine solution and stick it to the neoplasm, hold for about a minute. After a couple of manipulations, the papilloma will dry out and will soon disappear. We examine how to treat papillomas with folk remedies.
ointment to remove papillomas

To enhance the effect, you need to add decoctions of wild rose, thread and calendula to the diet. This helps strengthen the immune system and helps remove papillomas.

Where to remove papillomas?

Naturally, private clinics have more modern equipment than state medical institutions. That is why many use their services, do not pay too much attention to the high cost. But in addition, the location of the growths must also be taken into account.

An intact entire papilloma is considered only a cosmetic problem, so its removal is not free. If it bleeds, swells, causes pain and itching, then this is already a threat to the patient's health. For the excision of such growth, most often no money is charged.